Dog Dreams

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Jillian moved away from Connecticut 10 years ago, when she was 2. Earlier this week we were there for a visit. We got out of the car in a parking lot, and without any prompting, she literally pulled me across the lot and into the Critter Outfitters store, went behind the counter, and woofed at the cashier. This, she remembered, is where biscuits are dispensed.

Later on, we went to a large park where she was first let off-leash, so many years ago. Although still attached to her lead (and me), she broke into a full gallop.I learned that day that dogs indeed dream of things that are long ago and far away.

– New Canaan, CT August 2012


There’s No Time Like ‘Now’

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 A little time travel with some World War II aces – 70 years in the blink of an eye

In a post earlier this year, I wrote about photographing the 2012 Heroes of the Childrens Cancer Association.   One quality that made these little Buddhas heroes was that they did not seem to grieve for a future they may or may not have.  I didn’t sense any obvious bitterness for their lives to-date, but instead felt a serene joy of being in the moment – in living each day as it comes.

As impressive as they all were, I could easily rationalize this “live now” attitude as being the essence of childhood – until the next round of heroes I met:

This project, possibly still underway, has been to photograph American World War II aces for an author in the UK who’s working on … Read More »

Street Photography in Portland, with Joni Kabana! Sept 28-30

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Hit the streets in Portland Oregon with Michael and Joni as they teach you how to approach subjects, deal with varying lighting situations, and capture compelling compositions.  Be a part of building a makeshift outdoor studio to capture portraits of people we meet along the streets!

This class is also great for anyone who is planning to travel to countries where language poses a communication gap, as techniques will be covered concerning communication sans words.

September 28-30, 2012       Home Base Location: Joni Kabana Studios |  17 SE 3rd Ave | Portland, OR 97214


Friday evening (7p-9p):  Meet/greet and go over tips for working on the streets, approaching people, lighting, composition and general preparation
Saturday (10a-?p): We hit the streets!  Splitting into different groups, Joni and Mike each take a team, and then switch after lunch.
Sunday (10a-5p):  We review our images. We talk about the experiences … Read More »

Children’s Cancer Association – 2012 Heroes

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One of my most rewarding projects ever has been to photograph 22 of the 25 children who are Childrens Cancer Association’s 2012 Community Heroes, an exceptional group of children and teens who represent the thousands who battle life-threatening illnesses with strength and grace. The Heroes reside in Oregon and SW Washington, and were nominated by local hospital staff and families.  A selection committee chose the final 25 heroes, and the process led to the unveiling of a “Wall of Courage” which will travel around Oregon to inspire others to get involved and help bring “JoyRx” to local kiddos and their families.  

The 2012 Wall of Courage was unveiled May 23rd at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) in Portland.  Family, friends, and community leaders were in attendance for the celebration, and it was so great to see … Read More »

Just give me the REAL menu

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I’m a good tourist, and I don’t automatically expect everyone to speak English.  I learn at least a few phrases, no matter where I’m going – just enough to order a meal, say please and thank you – the basics. If the phrasebook in my pocket doesn’t get me out of trouble, I use sign language. Or I point and smile.  Maybe I’ve fooled myself into believing that people treat me better if I make an effort, but people are generally nice to me wherever I go, so I’m not looking to mess with this formula.

Before I arrive someplace new, I’ve probably read a little about what’s there, where to go, what to eat and drink.  My dining motto, especially while travelling, has always been “don’t order anything stupid.”   I’m sure you know what I mean.  The moment something arrives … Read More »

BC Workshop: Environmental Portraiture and Adobe Lightroom

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This course is an exploration of environmental portraiture; capturing people in their own habitat; where the setting is part of the story; and an introduction to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3/4, the editing tool of choice for many photographers. .

Street Photography – Amsterdam!

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April 13-15, 2012 Street Photography in Amsterdam with the wonderfully talented Joni Kabana