Four Haircuts in an Hour

Posted on July 30th, by mspeditor in Blog. Comments Off on Four Haircuts in an Hour

Last week I was asked to help a fellow photographer and friend by photographing her haircut.  Four haircuts actually.  Kimberli was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and will soon be losing her hair due to chemotherapy.  True to her spirit, she decided to turn last week into a celebration of her hair, which she has worn long since junior high school.

It was quite a wild ride, seeing her transform into 4 different women in such a short amount of time…and a bittersweet session at that.  Luckily we got to see how she could look when her hair comes back.  I think she is radiant in all of her “do’s”

Soon the hard part of her journey will begin.  So many people face illness in so many ways, but I’m so grateful to have experienced the grace and good humor with which … Read More »